About Papermovie

Papermovie creates photo comics, shot with real people.

It’s an independent project. The content is free to watch, read and listen to, and the stories are original.

Our team is open – everyone can join and contribute voluntarily.

Papermovie is back in 2018 after an 8-year break. The new photo comics are online only, easy to be browsed on your phone. Some of the people involved in the new photo comic series:

Milen Antiohov – stories
Radostin Peshev – visual identity
Illiyan Ruzhin – photography
Dragomir Spassov – photography, 3D
Georgi Valkov – photography
gradinko – web design
3WiMarketing / Stoycho Trenchev – programming
Athlon / Proyko Proykov – programming
Simeon Levi – vision consultant
Mircho Mirev – web consultant

You can contact us at hello(at)papermovie.com, follow the project on Facebook, listen to the soundtracks here and here, and watch some videos here.

You can support Papermovie by becoming a patron here.

From 2002 to 2007 the Papermovie photo comics – Three-Legged Dogs, 36, The Apartment, and Cats, were published offline – printed on flyers and every flyer was a separate episode. The flyers were free and were periodically distributed (i.e. – a new episode every Wednesday and every Friday). The locations were venues, shops, cinemas, sport centers, universities, hostels, tattoo-studios, bookstores – in Sofia and other more than 20 Bulgarian cities.
In 2009 Entrance B, the fifth photo comic of Papermovie, was released in an online version only.

537 people participated voluntarily in Papermovie until 2010:
195 of them took part as cast in the stories (no one was a professional actor), but also as: photographers (12), soundtrack composers and musicians (58); designers (7); programmers (8); people who supported us by: flyers distribution (69); translation in English and Serbian (4); technical support, locations, props, sponsorship, and support of any kind (184). Thank you all!